Wooroloo Teams Challenge

Wooroloo Teams Challenge Draw May 2018

Kindly sponsored by Winteringham Recruitment

Team Composition
Teams of 4 will be drawn at random.
Riders must have selected to be a part of the teams challenge via their Ktrials entry or via email prior to 9pm Monday 7th May.
Each team will have a rider from the 3* or 2* class, 1* class, 105 or 105J class and 95 or 95J class.
The number of teams will be determined by the class with the lowest number of nominated riders.
Depending on the number of teams, not all riders who have nominated will be drawn, so therefore not all nominated riders will be on a team.
Points will be allocated to ALL class placings as per the table below. Please note, if someone places who is not on a team, the placings/points will not be adjusted.

Scoring table
Place Points
1st 7
2nd 6
3rd 5
4th 4
5th 3
6th 2
All other riders with a completion score 1

The highest 3 points from each team are counted and the winning team will be that with the highest 3 combined point scores.

In the case of equal points within a team, the score of the rider with the lowest XC penalties will be counted. If on equal XC penalties, it will be the score of the rider closest to optimum time.

In the case of equality of points between 2 or more teams the winner will be determined by the following method:
Using only the 3 riders that are contributing to the team score, the time difference between the rider time and optimum time will be calculated for the riders that have no xc penalties.
The lowest calculated combined time will be declared the winner.

A rug and rosette will be presented to each member of the winning team.