FEI Code of Conduct


The Eédération Equestre lnternationale  (EEl)  expects all those involved in international equestrian sport to adhere to the EEl s Code of Conduct and to acknowledge and accept that at all times the welfare of the horse must be paramount and must never be subordinated to competitive or commercial influences.

  1. At all stages during the preparation and training  of competition horses, welfare must take precedence over all other demands. This includes good horse management, training methods, farriery and tack, and transportation.
  2. Horses and Athletes must be fit, competent and in good health before they are allowed to compete. This encompasses medication use, surgical procedures that threaten welfare or safety, pregnancy in mares and the misuse of aids.
  3. Events  must  not  prejudice  horse  welfare.  This  involves  paying  careful  attention  to  the competition areas, ground surfaces, weather conditions, stabling, site safety and fitness of the horse for onward travel after the event.
  4. Every effort must be made to ensure that horses receive proper attention after they have competed and that they are treated humanely when their competition careers are over. This covers proper veterinary care, competition injuries, euthanasia and retirement.
  5. The FEI urges all involved with the sport to attain the highest levels of education in their areas of expertise.

A full copy of this Code can be obtained from the Eédération Equestre lnternationale, Chemin des Délices 9, 1006

Lausanne, Switzerland. Telephone: +41 21 310 47 47. The Code is available in English & Erench. The Code is also available on the EEl s website:  http://www.fei.org/about-us/standards.